Double Top Mount Rev-A-Motion™ Wood Waste Containers

$557.37$577.19 CAD

Rev-A-Shelf’s ground breaking Soft-Open/Soft-Close Rev-A-Motion™ waste containers are now available in an innovative Top-Mount application. The front, side and rear adjustable mounting brackets provide stability and easy installation. These products are constructed of solid maple and available in four sizes, they feature pre-assembled door mount brackets for easy one-step installation.


Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max)
(min to max)
(min to max)
Weight Color : Finish
4WCTM-WNRM-2150DM-2 17-1/2 to 19-9/16″ 21-3/4 to 24″ 24-11/16″ 29.9 lbs. Natural: Walnut
4WCTM-RM-2135DM-2 18-1/4″ 21-7/8″ 21″ 30.55 lbs. Natural: Wood
4WCTM-RM-2150DM-2 18-1/4″ 21-7/8″ 24-3/4″ 26 lbs. Natural/Metallic Silver: Wood

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4WCTM-RM-2135DM-2 18-1/4", 4WCTM-RM-2150DM-2 18-1/4"


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