Base Cabinet Pullout Organizer with Wood Adjustable Shelves Sink & Base Accessories

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Designed for full-height base cabinets, these beautiful base organizers feature adjustable shelves with chrome rails to help keep everything in its place. Made from maple with a UV clear coat finish to match any kitchen décor. Units glide on our patented “tri-slides” which minimize any side-to-side motion and provide complete stability when pulled out of the cabinet. Door mounting is easy with our patented door mount brackets that provide up to 5 inches of flexibility for trouble-free installation on any door style. Designed for 9”, 12”, and 15” full height face frame base cabinets, and 9” full height frameless cabinets.

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Physical Specifications
Part # Width Depth Height
448-BC-5C 5″ 22-7/16″ 25-7/16″ 24.65 lbs.
448-BC-6C 6-1/2″ 22-7/16″ 25-7/16″ 26 lbs.
448-BC-8C 8″ 22-7/16″ 25-7/16″ 32 lbs.
448-BC-11C 11″ 22-7/16″ 25-7/16″ 41 lbs.
448-BC-14C 14″ 22-7/16″ 25-7/16″ 42 lbs.

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448-BC-5C, 448-BC-6C, 448-BC-8C, 448-BC-11C, 448-BC-14C


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