Single Bottom Mount Rev-A-Motion™ Wood Waste Containers

$435.78$467.63 CAD

The 4WCBM Series Waste Containers are the only bottom mount units available with Rev-A-Shelf’s patent pending Rev-A-Motion™ Soft Open-Soft Close slide system. The innovative gas spring assisted Soft-Open allows the unit to open smoothly and the Soft-Close shuts softly, even under the heaviest of loads. All units feature metallic silver waste containers and built-in door mount brackets and many have a removable wood bin in rear for bag storage. The 4WCBM is easy to install with only five screws and features a beautiful dovetail constructed frame, concealed 150 lb. slides for a clean look.


Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max)
(min to max)
(min to max)
4WCBM-15DM-1 12″ 21-3/4″ 19-1/4″
4WCBM-1550DM-1 12″ 21-3/4″ 23-3/16″

Additional information


4WCBM-15DM-1, 4WCBM-1550DM-1


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