Single Counter Mount Stainless Steel Waste Containers

$438.68$450.26 CAD

Rev-A-Shelf presents another ultramodern innovation with the Counter Mount Waste Container. Ideal for medical offices, retail counters, recreational vehicles, upscale outdoor kitchens, and more; this waste management system sits inside the cabinet with full access to the container from the counter top. The 8-060 Series is available with an 11 or 13-liter removable container and features a stainless steel lid and soft rubber inner ring designed to seal odors.


Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max)
(min to max)
(min to max)
8-060-11SS 12-1/4″ 12-1/4″ 11-5/8″
8-060-15SS 12-1/4″ 12-1/4″ 13-1/4″

Additional information


8-060-11SS, 8-060-15SS


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