Single Bottom Mount Reduced Depth Aluminum Waste Containers

$525.08$905.86 CAD

It’s all about the smooth sliding system with the 5349 Series. This single stainless steel or polymer waste container features heavy-duty brushed aluminum soft-closing slides that provide exceptional support and stability eliminating that side-to-side movement and a fully adjustable (10″ High) door mount frame with built-in storage area for bags.


Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max)
(min to max)
(min to max)
Weight Color: Finish
5349-15DM18-1SS 10-13/16″ 18″ 19-1/8″ 14.05 lbs. Brushed/Stainless Steel: Aluminum
5349-15DM18-117 10-13/16″ 18″ 19-5/16″ 10.25 lbs. Brushed/Metallic Silver: Aluminum
5349-15DM18-1 10-13/16″ 18″ 19-5/16″ 11.51 lbs. Brushed/White: Aluminum

Additional information


5349-15DM18-1SS, 5349-15DM18-117, 5349-15DM18-1


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