Kidney Shape LD Banded Wood 2 Shelf Corner Lazy Susans

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Our Banded Wood Series is the most economical wood shelf and hardware in the industry. This two shelf Kidney set is available in , 24″ 28″ and 32″ diameters and is Phase II, CARB compliant.

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Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max) Depth
(min to max) Height
(min to max) Weight Color : Finish
LD-4BW-472-24-1 24″ 20-3/4″ 26 to 31″ 14.5 lbs. Natural : Wood
LD-4BW-472-28-1 28″ 25″ 26 to 31″ 20.5 lbs. Natural : Wood
LD-4BW-472-32-1 32″ 29-1/8″ 26 to 31″ 26 lbs. Natural : Wood

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LD-4BW-472-24-1, LD-4BW-472-28-1, LD-4BW-472-32-1


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