IZEN 1 Smart Toilet Seat/ Electronic Bidet Seat (Round / Elongated)

$450.00 CAD

The essential advanced features of a modern bathroom. Enjoy ultra comfortable wash and heated seat that will forever change your bathroom experience.

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  • Signature 3-in-1 wash system: patented posterior, feminine, and deep cleanse wash technology
  • Bubble infused wash stream: specially designed nozzle aerates water stream which softens the feel without decreasing cleaning power
  • Personalize with wall-mountable wireless remote: easy tactile buttons, no hidden features; 5 water pressure settings, 3 water temperature settings, and adjustable nozzle position
  • Self-cleaning wand: before and after each use, the wand retracts and extends out of the holster while water rinses off potential debris.
  • Loaded convenience features: soft-close, heated seat, air dryer, power saver, and more

Amazing value and packed with IZEN’s most signature features

IZEN has over a decade of experience manufacturing electronic bidet seats in over 30 countries. IZEN 1 features the most important features to our customers to bring affordability, comfort, reliability, and performance.

Wash features:
– Signature 3-in-1 cleansing system
– Adjustable water temperature, pressure, and position
– Bubble infused water stream
– Oscillating wash option
– Posterior wash
– Wide front wash
– Deep cleanse wash naturally eases discomfort associated with constipation (KFDA medically certified)

Convenience features:
– Wall-mountable wireless remote
– Self-cleaning wand
– Temperature adjustable seat
– Air drying
– Softclose seat and lid
– Quick release for simple cleaning
– Automatic power saver
– Safety sensor
– 1 year manufactuer warranty

Additional information

Weight 8 kg

IZEN 1 Round, IZEN 1 Elongated


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